Medication Administration Records Charts

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Medication administration in domiciliary care settings is often less controllable than in residential care. What you need is a system that makes it easy to record the medication programme for each service user, and for each person who administers medication to record what has been taken when.

This information then needs to be instantly accessible to anyone who needs it.

The online Medication Administration Records (MAR) charts in CareForIT make medication administration recording just about as simple and risk-free as it could possibly be.

For each service user, approved medications are selected from a comprehensive alphabetical drop down list. The dosage, days and times are then assigned with a few mouse clicks.

Up-to-date MAR charts available 24/7

Because CareForIT is a secure cloud-based system, service users can access up-to-date MAR charts via their smartphone and immediately record that the required medication has been taken. This information is then available to authorised people via the secure GP and family portal.

The system will also record when medication has been refused. In cases of over medication an alert is automatically triggered to the CareForIT administrator.

In medical emergencies, paramedics often need to know exactly what medication has been taken when – CareForIT online MAR charts provide this information instantly.

Effective control of medication is vital for domiciliary care services and often features in CQC inspections. The online charts in CareForIT are the clearest way possible to show that you have appropriate controls and monitoring in place.

They are also simple to manage and minimise the risks of medication being missed or over administered.

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  • Up-to-date MAR data available 24/7 via smartphone
  • Create medication programmes for service users with a few clicks
  • Secure GP and family access
  • Automatic alerts for over-medication

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