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The CQC rightly recognises the active involvement of families, carers and service users as features of outstanding domiciliary care providers. Creating efficient processes for this consultation to happen can be a challenge. And providing evidence of this inclusive involvement has not always been easy.

Until now.

CareForIT has a secure portal where authorised users (family members, GPs, etc.) can leave feedback, raise concerns and ask questions about the care that is delivered. Family members can also log in to confirm that visits have taken place when scheduled and read any notes that the care worker may have recorded. They can also leave their own notes if they find, for example, that the service user has concerns or worries about their care.

Care plans, notes and comments are also available to other health professionals such as GPs who will have an interest in the care regime and may want to monitor medication through the online MAR charts.

Because CareForIT is a secure cloud based system, information is only available to authorised users and doesn’t reside on PCs or devices that could be lost or stolen.

The ability to have greater involvement through a secure online system is an attractive feature for families helping their relatives to select the most appropriate domiciliary care provider. It’s also very clear evidence for the CQC that you are committed to inclusive and user-centred care.

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