Why we were Delighted when a Customer Cancelled their Training

Like most software providers we offer training for new and existing clients to make sure that they are confident with using our system.

Unlike many software businesses, however, we don’t look on training as a profit centre or revenue stream.  The service is there as a support for our customers if they need a bit of help getting the system established. We also provide a free training booklet to guide people through setting up and using the package.

The philosophy behind CareForIt is that the complexity is always in the background and that everything users need to do should be as simple and self-explanatory as possible. The system should fit naturally into the way you work rather than you having to adapt to the software.

That’s why we were so pleased when one of our newest clients , Annabelle Augustin from Verrolyne Services sent us this email message:

Hi Dan,

Just a quick email regarding the training. I would like to please cancel the training as your software so good and straight to the point that its self-explanatory. 

The booklet is awesome.

This confirmed the view we’ve always taken with our domiciliary care management system: that well designed software is easy to use software. We aim to make our software do everything you need without giving you the additional burden of learning how to use the software.

So if you’d like to see why Annabelle and many other CareForIt users find it so straightforward, call us on 08455 44 23 11 to arrange your online demo.

 Dan and the CareForit Team

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